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Stop Dieting Start Living. The Bariatric Medical Institute offers weight loss programs and is located in Ottawa, Ontario

Welcome to the Bariatric Medical Institute

Ottawa's most complete weight loss solution where you have unlimited one-on-one sessions with a team of doctors, registered dietitians, and certified personal fitness trainers.

Using the latest medical research the Bariatric Medical Institute provides an evidence based program that focuses on long term weight management rather than just weight loss. .

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Our Programs

We have gathered a team of seasoned health professionals, ready to help you regain control over your weight and your health. Our programs have been developed to allow you to integrate the most effective methods of weight management without forbidden foods, restrictive diets, needless injections or required supplements.



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Simple, cost-effective, healthy, comfort food, and absolutely delicious. One of my all time favorite dishes. Calories ~330, Protein ~18 g, Carbs ~59g, Fiber ~31g, Sodium ~ 350mg

Overnight Oats

~330 Calories, ~47g Carbs, ~12g Fiber, ~21g protein, ~150mg sodium