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Welcome to the Bariatric Medical Institute

Ottawa's most complete weight loss solution where you have unlimited one-on-one sessions with a team of doctors, registered dietitians, and certified personal fitness trainers.

Using the latest medical research the Bariatric Medical Institute provides an evidence based program that focuses on long term weight management rather than just weight loss. .

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Our Programs

We have gathered a team of seasoned health professionals, ready to help you regain control over your weight and your health. Our programs have been developed to allow you to integrate the most effective methods of weight management without forbidden foods, restrictive diets, needless injections or required supplements.



Recent News

Sugar Shockers

Hidden free sugars found in common foods, many of which promote themselves as "healthy"

Loblaws Online Grocery Shop & Pick Up Service

I see this service as a great resource for folks with mobility issues, but also a great time saver for busy families.

Coca-Cola's Efforts to Sway Obesity Messaging Exposed by Dr. Freedhoff

A piece spearheaded by BMI’s own Dr.Freedhoff after asking the now infamous Global Energy Balance Network to disclose their funding.

Organized Sport and Weight Gain

Summer is here(hooray!), and that means more outdoor/organized sports, longer days, more time in the sun, and weight gain?

Meal Planning and Recipe Manager app: Paprika

For many people, meal planning is an important strategy to help with preparing healthy meals and snacks for themselves and their families when juggling a busy schedule.

July 2015 Classes

The next Nutrition classes with one of our Registered Dietitians are July 8th and August 5th from 7:00-8:30PM. The next Road Blocks Classes is July 27th with Dr. Segal from 6:30-7:30PM