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Kitchen Skill Building for Kids

Posted: Aug 28, 2018


Kitchen Skill Building for Kids

Kids who actively participate in choosing and preparing meals are more likely to eat them. It should come as no surprise then that we’re big proponents of getting little ones involved in the kitchen. If that sounds daunting, start small and choose age appropriate tasks. Skill building around food helps young children grow into young adults who can confidently self-manage in the grocery store and kitchen.

Skills for Prechoolers

  • Washing and drying produce
  • Tearing lettuce or herbs
  • Weighing ingredients on a food scale
  • Pouring food or liquids into bowls, pots, or pans
  • Mixing ingredients together
  • Mashing bananas or potato
  • Safety: Hot stoves can burn, sharp knives can cut, and some raw foods can make you sick

Skills for Kids Ages 5-10

  • Cutting: Learn to curl hands into a claw to keep fingers safe. Younger kids can start with a small plastic or butter knife.
  • Following a Recipe: Read recipes together before starting to prepare the meal.
  • Measuring: Using the numbers on measuring cups, spoons, scales and food labels.
  • Peeling: Boiled eggs, potatoes, carrots
  • Grating: How to do it carefully, without catching your fingers
  • Helping choose meals and snacks for the week
  • Setting the table
  • Washing and drying dishes

Skills for Kids Ages 11-15

  • Using the stove, microwave and other appliances
  • Meal Planning: Creating grocery lists from planned meals
  • Following Instructions: Preparing more complex dishes from recipes.
  • Improvisation: How different ingredients affect texture and taste. - Creating meals from foods you have on hand.
  • Nutrition: Understanding which foods nourish, protect, build, and give energy to our body.