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Breakfast Ideas

Posted: Feb 14, 2013


Breakfast Ideas

I’m often asked “what makes a good breakfast?”  It’s a question I love because it’s one of my favourite meals and also one of the most important.  Having the right types of foods and the proper amount of calories at breakfast will influence your eating throughout the day.  Many times, when clients speak of being hungry in the late afternoon or early evening, it’s due to an inadequate breakfast.

Rather than suggesting entire meals, (after all, I have no idea what your food preferences are) here are a few “breakfast bases” to use as a starting point.

a) 2 eggs (160 calories, 13g protein) + 1 ounce of cheese (120, 7).

b) 40 grams (one serving) steel cut oats (150, 5) + 1 ounce nuts (any kind) (175, 6)

c) 55g (1 cup) Kashi Go Lean (200, 13) + 175g Greek yogurt (110, 18)

d) 1 scoop protein powder (130, 30) + 2 x 100g sugar-free, fat-free yogurts (70, 8) (smoothie base)

Whatever you chose, aim for at least ~300 calories and 20g protein (woman) and ~400 calories, 20g protein (men) at breakfast.

Mark McGill, RD