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Everything in moderation is terrible nutrition advice

Posted: Jan 9, 2013


Everything in moderation is terrible nutrition advice


Because it implies that you should eat deep-fried Mars bars as often as you eat kale, salmon and sweet potatoes.  Better advice is to eat plant-based foods (vegetables, lentils, fruits), lean protein (eggs, fish, chicken) and whole grains often while limiting refined carbohydrates (including added sugars) and 'junk food' to as infrequently as you can while still being satisfied - and by satisfied I mean you don't feel deprived.  Obviously, that amount will vary from person to person.   For me, it means that at least once a year I have a substantial piece of cake, usually on my birthday - vanilla with lots of icing! 

The concept of having the smallest amount you need to be satisfied is taught at the Bariatric Medical Institute as it's important to include all foods one enjoys, including bad foods.  Otherwise, you run the risk of feeling deprived which will make you unhappy and may lead to you abandoning your healthy eating efforts. 

Mark McGill, RD