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Health Deception - Bridgehead's Chocolate Pecan Square

Posted: Oct 23, 2014


Health Deception - Bridgehead

Certainly not blatant deception as it is a chocolate pecan square, but one that caught yours truly off guard.  I often hit Bridgehead for a weekend mid morning cappuccino or espresso accompanied with a treat.  My treat is usually their small (~2.5 square inches) chocolate pecan square.  In the past I checked for nutrition info and didn’t find it, so simply forgot about it, but decided to check again this past weekend and was happy to see that they started to post nutrition info online (only a handful of items right now). Well, to my surprise this “little” treat was nearly 600 calories per serving, I knew it was indulgent but would have never guessed that much so, especially given the size of it.  I wanted to share this story to show that yes even Dietitians get duped sometimes, and it is always good practice to: 1) check routinely for nutrition info &  2) overestimate (by minimum 30% more calories guesstimated) food eaten out if you don’t know the nutrition info. I would love to see Bridgehead label all their items with nutrition/ingredient info :)


Bridgehead Chocolate Pecan Square

551 Calories

28g Fat

75g Carbs  (from mostly sugar)

6g Protein


Rob Lazzinnaro, RD