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In case you over indulged this Holiday season

Posted: Jan 3, 2013


In case you over indulged this Holiday season

If you're on a weight loss journey, and you over-indulged throughout the Holidays you may be feeling a little discouraged right about now.  Don't be.  These past few days are exceptional times, not routine.  And at the end of the day, it's what we do the majority of the time that matters.  Routine Vs exceptional is a concept we review with clients here at the Bariatric Medical Institute.  If you're eating the caloric equivalent of a Holiday meal (about 2500 calories) five times a week, you're going to have a tough time losing weight.  But doing it a few times a year is not going to matter in terms of your weight loss efforts.

The best advice I can give is to get back to your usual efforts as soon as possible.  Each meal and snack is a separate event, so when you over-indulge, simply try to do better the very next time you eat.  Just because you may have eaten to excess at Christmas dinner doesn't mean that the rest of the week has to be a write-off.  What I'm saying is avoid all-or-nothing thinking.  Perfection isn't a realistic goal for anything especially when it comes to what we eat.  I define healthy eating as consuming all foods including those that are unhealthy; just not as often as healthy foods (e.g. don't eat chocolate cake as frequently as spinach). 

Mark McGill, RD