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Lunch Ideas

Posted: Mar 12, 2013


Lunch Ideas

A few posts ago, I provided a handful of breakfast ideas to help get your day off to a good nutritional start.  Well, I’m back with some healthy lunch bases to help you with your midday meal.  And just like breakfast, the same calorie and protein targets apply (at least ~300 calories and 20g protein for woman and ~400 calories, 20g protein for men).

a) ½ can tuna (rinsed and drained) (60 calories), 0.5 tbsp light mayo (20 calories), vegetables of your choice (examples: radish, celery, onion, peppers).  Add to grain of your choice (100-200 calories).
b) 1 cup fresh spinach (5 calories), ½ can salmon (rinsed and drained) (170 calories), vegetables of your choice (e.g. tomatoes, onion, carrots) (25-50 calories).
c) 250mL low sodium vegetable soup (90 calories) + 1 cup frozen mixed vegetables (80 calories) + 1/3 cup lentils (75 calories).  Can be paired with sandwich of your choice (200-400 calories).
d) Whole-grain tortilla (180 calories), 0.5oz cheese (60 calories).  Can add fruit or vegetables (25-100 calories).
e) 2 hardboiled eggs (150 calories), vegetables of your choice (25-50 calories).  Add to grain (100-200 calories) or salad blend of your choice (25-50 calories).

Mark McGill, RD