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Nutella Comparison

Posted: Feb 12, 2015


Nutella Comparison

It is always good to remind ourselves just how well marketing works to sell food.  A product can simply sell us on the idea that it is “healthy” when it has no business doing so. The shining example is Nutella, and we may all know by now that it is not the healthy breakfast it has always been marketed to be, but comparing it side by side with icing sugar really drives home the point.  

Did you know?

That the food industry and politicians alike fought tooth and nail in Italy to stop a proposed EU bill that would force food items to have calories and sugar on front of packaging. With deep pockets (the richest food company in Italy) Nutella put up a fight that claimed it would be the “death” of their product, and the economy.  Wouldn’t you know it, the new bill didn't pass.