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Product Review: St-Methode 9 Whole Grains Bread

Posted: May 7, 2013


Product Review: St-Methode 9 Whole Grains Bread

As far as bread goes, this is probably one of the best products I've seen. It's not perfect as it has 165mg of sodium per slice (to be fair though that is on par with most major brands), but overall the nutritional values are excellent. A couple of mentionables: each slice contains 4.5g protein, 20% of your daily iron requirement and 3.5g fibre. That's a hefty amount of protein and fibre per two slice serving. Combine this with its great taste and it's hard to go wrong. The fact that there is no added fat is pretty much meaningless other than the calorie savings that go along with it. No added sugar is great as too much increases the risk of weight gain and heart disease.

As of now, I've only been able to find it at Costco in a three-loaf package, but according to their website, it is available at other retailers.

Note: storing bread in the fridge will result in it turning stale more quickly - store at room temperature, instead. You can also freeze bread for up to two months.

Nutritional Information (per 2 slice serving – 80g)

190 calories

9 grams protein

25g carbohydrates

330mg sodium

7 grams fibre

Mark McGill, RD