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The Mushroom Diet or M-Plan

Posted: Sep 16, 2013


The Mushroom Diet or M-Plan

Move over grapefruits and cabbage soup, there’s a new way to lose weight: eat mushrooms! More specifically, replace one meal a day with a mushroom-laden meal. It’s apparently working wonders for Kelly Osborne and Katy Perry. Yes, celebrities with their vast nutrition and health knowledge are showing us the way to true health and happiness. I wonder if they’d be interested in me giving them acting or vocal coaching. As an added bonus with the M-Plan, you’ll also be able to spot reduce fat (say goodbye to your belly fat). Who knew mushrooms were so magical? While mushrooms will give you some fibre and other nutrients - and you should eat them - neither they nor any other food will help you reduce fat from a specific area of your body. If you lose weight as a result of eating lots of mushrooms it’s because they are replacing higher calorie foods in your diet. Consider that 1 cup (70g) of sliced mushrooms contains only ~15 calories. So if you reduce one meal by a few hundred calories by having less meat and rice while loading up on mushrooms instead, unless you replace the calorie deficit created, you’ll lose weight over time. But in order for this to work, you need to a) like mushrooms and b) be able to stick to it forever and honestly, if you eat mushrooms every day there’s a good chance you’ll eventually get tired of them.

Take home points:      

  • no food will spot reduce fat
  • eat mushrooms because you like them and because they are good for you
  • lifestyle changes need to be sustainable