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Certified Personal Trainers

 Cheryl Mason
 Cheryl has assisted with the expansion of  health,  fitness, long term athlete  development in sports  and the general  public within Canada from local  grassroots to International competitions  since  2003.

 In her position she values helping people  find joy  in living an active and balanced  healthy life. She  encourages people to  safely find the next step out  of their  comfort zone to reach goals, but  most importantly to never worry about  how many steps it takes to get there.

 Cheryl is a Sports Business Management Masters  Graduate, Recreational  Facility Management  Graduate, Personal Fitness Trainer, Sport Performance  Nutritionist, NCCP Level 3 Coach and  Group Fitness Instructor (Aerobics,  Strength, Core & Stretch, Aqua Fitness, Indoor Group Cycle).

She encourages a balanced life and her Fitness Formula is;

Finding what activities make you smile +

Lots of new variety +

Mastering your favourites =

Balanced Active Life!


 Ben Leber

 Being physically active has always been a  major part of my life and while growing up  I participated  in a number of sports in  each season. This interest in physical  activity, proper nutrition and a  healthy  lifestyle continued to develop in  university. During my MSc in Kinesiology  at Brock    University I became very  interested in the use of exercise for risk  reduction and disease prevention  to  improve the lives of people. After  university I completed the requirements  to become a  Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

 My career goal is to improve the lives of people by both promoting a healthy lifestyle for disease  prevention as well as improving the health and fitness of people who have known disease or disability. I believe in the science of exercise, using science to create and implement individualized exercise programs while respecting the individual's goals and limitations aiming for improved health with reduced risk for exercise related injuries. And in general, I want to show people how to enjoy exercise and how to make it part of their everyday life.

My favourite quote is “If exercise was discovered today, it would be considered a miracle drug”. I truly believe that exercise and being active is essential in preventing disease and essential in improving the quality of life for everyone.



 Dianne Thompson

 Dianne has been working in the fitness industry since 2008, joining the BMI team in 2011. Dianne is  passionate about helping our team members incorporate exercise in their lifestyle and encouraging them  to challenge their fitness abilities. She is happy to share her fitness knowledge, motivate and provide  guidance on your fitness journey. “It’s awesome watching someone who once struggled to do an activity,  overcome, gain new skills and build on their exercise confidence. I love to hear the excitement in their  voices and see the satisfaction as they achieve new goals’’. Dianne has been recreational athlete since  childhood. She continues to enjoy a variety of sports and challenges herself with new activities.