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Rob Lazzinnaro MSc, RD, CDE graduated with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from McGill University in 2010.  While working on his master’s thesis he developed an interest in diabetes & obesity research after analyzing the effects of a westernized diet on Cree communities in James Bay, Québec.  His findings were published in the paper High-Sugar Drink Consumption: An Associate of Obesity and Impaired Fasting Glucose in Canadian Indigenous (Cree) Communities.  His undergraduate BSc in Food, Nutrition, and Health was completed at the University of British Columbia in 2007. 

Rob also successfully acquired the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) designation in 2013 and as a CDE he is able to help you navigate your individual diabetes management needs.

Rob is a fanatic cook, gardener, bread baker, coffee drinker and salad eater who practices what he preaches; which all shine through on his blog Democracy is Delicious.  Having worked in all areas of food production, from farm to table, his goal is to advocate that all people have the tools, resources, and ability to prepare meals containing healthy whole foods.  Elected as member of the Ottawa Food Policy Council in late 2013 Rob is thrilled to help spearhead food security efforts in the area.  

To see what Rob’s been cooking up check out BMI’s blog.



Emily Spencer, MScFN, RD graduated with a Master’s of Science in Food and Nutrition from Brescia University (affiliated with Western University) in 2014. Her major research project during her master’s degree was focused on evaluating a community based lifestyle and behavior change program for adults with prediabetes. Her undergraduate BSc in Food and Nutrition was also completed at Brescia University in 2012.

She believes in using her nutrition knowledge to guide people in making practical and realistic changes to their food habits that will have a sustainable impact on their health and wellness. With experience working and volunteering in public health and in the community, she is well versed in the influence of our food environment on daily food choices. Her goals are to help people navigate the ever-changing food environment and make the healthy choice the easy one.

As an adventurous food lover, Emily enjoys cooking and experimenting with foods from all cultures, trying just about anything – even scorpion! You never know what you’ll like until you give it a chance!