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Posted By at Thursday, 15 December 2011, 2:00 PM

Courtesy your friendly neighbourhood BMI trainers!

Just because it's the Holidays doesn't mean you should take a break from your fitness! 

Try the following to stay active this season.


Ask for an early Christmas gift. Workout wear and dumbbells, dvds and use them!

Set an alarm to remind yourself to move. If you cannot get in a complete hour, break it up into 15 or 30 min increments. It all adds up.

The library loans DVDs, borrow some and use them.

If you live in an apartment building or can access one, use the stairwells as your personal gym. Up and down, up and take the elevator down if your unable to get down. There are stairs on either side Sprint/walk the length of the hallway, climb the stairs and repeat, until your at the top. Be creative.

Join the mall walkers. Most malls have seniors walking before shoppers start their day. If they don't create your own group, ask a friend to help you stay committed to your fitness lifestyle. Stay focus on your task of walking.

Pick 1 or 2 strength exercises to do each and every morning.

Use your Kitchen Table Chair as the chair u watch TV in. You will keep a tall posture meaning you will burn more.

If watching TV every commercial stand up go to the wall and either do a wall sit or wall push ups.

Go walk the Parliament Hill Christmas evening lights at dark.

Spend the day at a museum, you will walk the whole day you’re there.

Cut the elevator out of your shopping at malls, take the stairs.

Park your car at the other end of the parking lot to walk a bit.

Go swimming at your local pool during open swim (and enjoy the hot tub after).


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