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Don't Be Spooked By the Halloween Treats

Posted: Oct 31, 2018



Happy Halloween!

This holiday dates back to ancient times but it has recently been made popular by companies such as Nestle and Hershey, as they reap some major financial benefits. Although this occasion is primarily focused on chocolate and candy, this shouldn’t be a reason to be spooked. Test out some of these strategies so you and your family can enjoy the festivities and food without the guilt!


1. Be Choosy with the Chocolate

If you are planning on indulging, it might as well be on something you really enjoy! Don’t waste the money, calories and stress on treats that aren’t all that tasty to you or your kids.


2. Moderate the Minis

This can be applied in a few ways. First, think about how many trick-or-treaters normally show up at your door. Is it necessary to purchase the biggest bulk bag when you know most of it is going to reside in your cupboards come November 1st? Buy enough to feed your visitors with perhaps a few extras that you can indulge in too. Secondly, ask yourself and your kids: “how many candies/chocolates are needed to be satisfied tonight?”  Not surprisingly, this will most likely be more than a usual night given the occasion, however it is important to begin the conversation around including these treats (even if they are miniature size) in moderation.


3. Divvy the Dessert

Once you have eaten the amount you determined to be satisfactory, the rest can be put away for later. You could allocate up the rest of the candy so you and your kids have 1 per day, swap the candy for toys or non-food goodies (Switch Witch) or you could give some away. There are many locations that accept candy donations such as Ronald McDonald Charity Houses, dentist offices (some may do a buy-back/exchange), and even Pizza Pizza (a slice of pizza for packaged candy)!


4. Enjoy the Experience

Lastly, Halloween is just one day out of the year. Don’t fret about having some extra indulgences today while you join in on the fun. The trick is to moderate how much and how often you dine on the candy once the day is done.


Enjoy Halloween for what it is, stay safe and have fun!