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Eight Halloween Treats That Aren't Candy

Posted: Oct 25, 2018


Eight Halloween Treats That Aren

When trick-or-treating first began in the 1930s and 1940s, young ghouls and goblins could expect more than just candy in their halloween haul - coins, toys, and other goodies were often doled out at the most sought-after doorsteps. As decades passed, candy manufacturers took notice of the trend and began marketing miniatures versions of their best selling products as the go-to Halloween item.

While we’re all for indulging a little, who says treats have to be sweet to be fun? Food-free treats are a welcome change for kids who have allergies and take the pressure off parents who might otherwise struggle to manage a mountain of candy. Need some ideas? Here are eight, kid-approved treats that aren’t candy:

1. Bouncy Balls
2. Glow Sticks
3. Stickers
4. Bubbles
5. Temporary Tattoos
6. Mini Play Dough
7. Crayons
8. Colourful Chalk