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Foods to Help Boost the Immune System

Posted: Oct 11, 2018


Foods to Help Boost the Immune System

It is getting to be that time of year when everyone around seems to be sneezing, coughing and blowing their nose. Getting sick is no fun, especially when you have things to do, places to be and people to see! Although it is tough to completely avoid germs and the potential cold and flu contaminants, the foods you eat can help your body fight against them.


Citrus fruit

Oranges, grapefruits and lemons (to name a few) fall within the citrus category. These foods plus colourful fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and spinach are all rich in antioxidants. Vitamin C and beta carotene are components found in these items that make up the antioxidant properties and aid your body in boosting the function of the immune system.



Other protectant foods include fish, oysters, chicken, eggs, milk and whole grains. Each of these contain an element called zinc, which is an powerful nutrient that helps fight infection, making it an impressive tool to keep you safe from illness.



Foods high in probiotics (good bacteria) can improve the health of your gut, making it stronger to combat bad bacteria that can cause poor health. Probiotics can be found in fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi.



Maintaining your hydration status is an extra bonus when it comes to boosting your immune system. Try a cup of green tea as some of the properties in the tea leaves, called polyphenols, may be able to improve the activity of cells that fight viruses.


Take action now and help protect your body before you have to break out the tissues and cough drops!