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How to Handle Holiday Buffets

Posted: Dec 6, 2018


How to Handle Holiday Buffets

Overly abundant buffet spreads can make managing nutrition over the holidays a very tricky business. While we hope you’ll agree that some indulging is in order (it is the festive season, afterall) a little forethought and planning goes a long way.  


Survey the Spread.

Have you ever gone through a buffet and filled your plate only to find your favourite foods at the end of the line?  Yep, we have too. And it usually means we’re back for a second helping faster than you can say “bon appetit.” A quick walk down the line, sans plate, usually solves this. Choose your favs. Skip the rest.


Consider Calories.  

But that doesn’t mean they have to rule your meal. A few simple strategies can help keep them in check. Fill half your plate with plants, every time. Look for slightly lighter fare - chicken satay instead of fried chicken or shrimp cocktail instead of spring rolls. Swap pints of beer for bottles or ask for a wine spritzer instead of full strength. These are small savings to be sure, but they do add up over the course of an evening.


Decide on Dessert.

Skip the fruit cake (or any “treat” that isn’t truly delicious). You know your favourites better than anyone. And that’s exactly the food to go for. Now that you’re having visions of sugar plums, consider this: What’s the least amount you need to be happy?  And we don’t mean the least amount you need to be happy with your diet. We mean really, truly, warm-and-fuzzy, loved-that-meal happy. It will probably be more than usual, but maybe not as much as would require a change into stretchy pants.