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How to Increase Your Vegetable Intake

Posted: Sep 7, 2018


How to Increase Your Vegetable Intake

Eating vegetables seems to come more naturally for some and is quite the challenge for others. It’s not recent news that vegetables can provide you with an abundance of beneficial vitamins (think vitamin A, C and K) and nutrients (think fibre) at a low calorie “cost.” So it’s no surprise that incorporating as many vegetables into our diets whenever possible can leave us feeling energized and healthy. Then why is it so difficult to add these to the daily menu rotation? Maybe because you grew up on bland steamed broccoli and that’s what comes to mind when you think “nutritious greens.” Or perhaps your grandmother’s boiled brussel sprouts weren’t quite your cup of tea. Well it’s time to switch up the vegetable game! Here are some tricks you can use to increase your vegetable intake in a fun and delicious way:


Good morning to you


Cereal can be convenient but it doesn’t leave you feeling full and satisfied to get you through the day. Instead, try something like egg muffins with broccoli and red pepper (bake in the oven in muffin tins and grab them for your busy mornings), a goat cheese and mushroom omelet or a smoothie packed with your favourite greens (spinach doesn’t change the flavour at all!).


Snack on that


It’s pretty straight forward to have a side of vegetables at dinner but getting them into snack time can be a bit trickier, right? Think again! Carrot muffins, chocolate zucchini muffins, vegetables dipped in hummus or tzatziki, homemade cauliflower wings, the list goes on! A little creativity can go a long way.


Step out of your comfort zone


Do you often find yourself buying the same foods every week? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to add some variety to your meals? Here is your chance. Challenge yourself or your family to try one new vegetable per month. Whether it’s a common item that you have never had the opportunity to try or something completely out of the box, give it go. You never know, you may end up surprising yourself with what you like!


Convenience is key


One of the easiest ways to consume more vegetables is to have them be convenient for you. It can be as simple as purchasing more so they are in your fridge and available whenever needed. Whether they are fresh, frozen or canned, they can all have a place in your diet. Try pre-cutting vegetables and keeping them in an airtight container in the fridge for quick and easy snacking. Open up a bag of frozen mixed vegetables for a simple stir-fry. Even a can of green beans or peas can do the trick in a pinch. Whatever works best for you is the plan that will stick.