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Kitchen Hack: Chop Onions Like a Pro

Posted: Oct 26, 2018


Kitchen Hack: Chop Onions Like a Pro

Closely related to garlic, leeks, and chives, onions are an allium vegetable used in cooking across the globe. Onions contain an enzyme alliinase that is released from it’s cells when they are damaged from cutting or chewing. Alliinase reacts with isoallin, another compound within the onion, to produce the pungent odor we all know so well.

Anyone who has ever chopped an onion knows the importance of getting the job done quickly - it takes only 30 seconds before this chemical reaction becomes tear-inducing. Here's how to chop onions quickly, easily, and exactly like a pro:

1. Slice off the stem and trim off a thin part of the root.
2. Cut the onion, dividing it in half through the middle of the root.
3. Peel away the skin.
4. Take one half and place it on the cutting board, pointing the root end away from you.
5. Make vertical cuts through the onion, being sure to leave the root intact (the onion root should hold the cut pieces in place).
6. Dice your onion, making horizontal cuts that cross the vertical cuts made in the previous step. These horizontal cuts should go through the whole onion.

Sound complicated? We promise it’s not! You can watch a video demonstration here.