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Meal Planning and Recipe Manager app: Paprika

Posted: Jul 10, 2015


Paprika takes planning to the next level by combining recipe management, grocery shopping and meal and snack planning into one easy to use application.  The app has quite a few features worth noting.


  1. Recipe management

One of the highlights of Paprika is that it allows you to browse the Internet for recipes that you would like to add to your recipe database and insert into your weekly or monthly meal plan.

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Of course, you are also able to manually insert family favourite recipes and add them to your recipe database and meal plans.

  1. Planning your menu: meals and snacks

Once you have some recipes in your database, you can start weekly meal planning.  You can add recipes for all meals and snacks but you can also pick and choose which meals to plan for.  

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  1. Grocery Shopping

Whether or not you decide to actually make a menu plan with your recipes, you can use Paprika to help you with making grocery lists. With one click you generate a grocery list with the recipe that you want to use. You then have the option of keeping all ingredients checked off or you can uncheck the ones you already have at home. Once added, you can open other recipes in your database and add those ingredients to your grocery list.

If you have planned all (or some) of your meals for the week, you can create grocery lists that will include the ingredients in all of the recipes you have entered. Again, you have the option to uncheck the ingredients that you already have.

Finally, your grocery list will be automatically sorted by category, e.g. dairy, meat, frozen foods,  to make things just that much easier.


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Other features

Modify your ingredient list based on your desired serving size for the recipe
Personalize notes for each recipe
Organize recipes into categories (i.e. beef, vegetarian, dips/spreads)
Create reusable menus

Con: The only issue I have with Paprika is that you have to pay a one-time user fee for each device (phone, computer, tablet) that you use it on. The fee for using the desktop version is $19.99 while the iphone/ipad and android versions go for $4.99 and $5.65, respectively.

Even with the user fee, I am still a big fan of Paprika. Find out more here:

Emily Spencer, RD