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Myth Busting "50 Foods Nutritionists Never Eat"

Posted: Oct 30, 2018


Myth Busting

There are several articles online boasting about the “50 Foods Nutritionists Never Eat, So You Shouldn’t Either!” and being a dietitian, I was curious. Not surprisingly, I was disappointed to see foods such as movie theatre popcorn, donuts, wheat, table salt and cheese on the list (to name a few). Not only do I, as well as many other dietitians and nutritionists consume these foods, but we are happy to include them!

These articles that are popularized by marketing gimmicks on social media paint the picture of health professionals eating salads with chicken all day everyday and it’s very unrealistic. Unless you have an allergy, a food should not be deemed as “avoid at all costs”, let alone a list of 50 of them! Instead, the focus should be put on the balance of these foods. Make sure you are having enough of your recommended nutrients in the day, building your meals with protein, whole grains and vegetables and/or fruit.

Make room for the foods you love and don’t remove it from your cupboards because an opinion article tells you that you should.