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Nighttime snacking & cravings

Posted: Jun 6, 2017


Nighttime snacking & cravings

Ever have those evenings when it seems like you want to eat anything and everything and nothing seems to satisfy your cravings? I imagine we all experience this from time to time. However, when it comes to weight management, curbing that nighttime snacking or cravings can be a challenge for some individuals. Being reflective on your day’s eating habits might help you identify a pattern or determine why you might be experiencing these cravings. Next time you find yourself in this situation try asking yourself these questions:


-          Did I eat breakfast today and did I include a source of protein?

o   The difference between toast with butter and greek yogurt with oatmeal can have a significant impact on your hunger levels throughout the day

-          Did I eat every 3-4 hours or did I go longer than 4 hours between my meals/snacks?

-          Did I snack? If so, did I make sure the snack was balanced and included protein?

-          Did I skip a meal?

-          Did I exercise more than usual and forgot to include a pre or post workout snack?

-          Did I get enough sleep?

-          Did I drink enough water? At least 8 cups?

-          Was my last meal balanced (i.e. included protein, vegetables, whole grains/CHO)?


If you said no to any one of these questions, there is potential that this could be contributing to your increased snacking in the evening. For example, maybe on days that you don’t have an afternoon snack or you went for a lighter dinner and skipped the grain or starch in your meal you find yourself hungrier? Test yourself and understand what patterns or habits might lead to cravings and then determine the best way to overcome these. Whether that be setting reminders for yourself to eat regularly, having a list of protein foods to include at your meals, or making sure that you include that carb at your dinner, because for some, that component helps us feel satisfied with our meals! It’s important to be in tune with your hunger and figure out whatever works best for you in order to stay ahead of it.