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Our Top Three Tips for Fuss-Free Meals

Posted: Sep 27, 2018


Our Top Three Tips for Fuss-Free Meals

Involve your children in food prep, planning, and cooking. Whether it’s choosing a recipe, helping with the groceries or chopping and mixing in the kitchen, studies show that children who participate in meal preparation are more likely to try new foods.

Let children serve themselves. Avoid pressuring children to eat more of certain foods. This can cause conflict during the meal and make children more resistant to eating those foods. If you're struggling with a picky eater, try offering your child a "Tasting Plate" with a small amount of the new food. Encourage your child to explore the texture, smell, and look of the food with the option to taste it if they like.

Make sure meal time really is for meals. Limit distractions at the table such as TVs and tablets (even in the background).  Between meals, try “closing the kitchen” to prevent grazing and help children learn to eat with structure.