6 easy ways to incorporate more vegetables

  1. Wilt your greens. We sometimes don’t always want a salad with our meals. Wilt spinach, kale, or swiss chard into scrambled eggs, stir fries, soups/stews and pasta sauces.
  2. Make a fun mash. Potatoes aren’t the only vegetable that taste great mashed. Next time you plan for mashed potatoes, try mashing either cooked broccoli, cauliflower, parsnips, sweet potato, or celeriac and/or mix in cooked peas, corn, or chopped peppers for some different textures.
  3. Blend them into a smoothie. I’m sure this one is a no-brainer- add spinach, kale, cucumber or carrot (depending on the power of your blender) to your fruit smoothie. The sweetness from your fruit will often overpower the taste of the vegetables. Don’t like the green-ish colour that results from adding vegetables? Use blueberries or blackberries (or other dark coloured fruit) to overshadow the green colour.
  4. Have pre-cut raw vegetables ready to go in the fridge. Make a big plate with a dip (hummus or tzatziki), put it on the centre of your table while you’re prepping dinner and/or during dinner to help get you and your family to eat more vegetables.
  5. Load ‘em up on your sandwiches and wraps. Are you stuck in the routine of making a simple meat and cheese sandwich? Stop right there- add lettuce, sliced cucumber, tomato, peppers, even sliced red cabbage (adds a great crunch). Thinking that’s too many vegetables to be wedged in between 2 slices of bread? Then opt for a wrap or pita instead as these are often easier to pack in a lot more vegetables. Worried about the vegetables making the bread soggy? Then pack them in a little separate container and assemble your sandwich before you eat it. No excuses, at minimum try adding some lettuce. 
  6. Grate them for vegetable tots or balls. Grating is not only for cheese- try grating cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, parsnips, beets or potatoes, mix with some bread crumbs or flour, spices, 1 egg and form into balls or put in mini muffin cups and bake! There are endless recipes online for these types of things and kids often love them. Check out the zucchini ball recipe we posted a couple of weeks back. 

This page was printed from the BMI Medical website: http://bmimedical.ca/