Easy weeknight meal ideas

Kids are back at school, summer vacation is coming to an end, your work schedule is picking up….. for many September almost marks a new beginning or start to the year. Getting back into the routine of things can be a challenge, for example, remembering how you were able to get dinner on the table at a reasonable hour?

Here are 5 easy weeknight meal ideas to help you get back into the swing of things

  1. Try a “Meatless Monday” meal such as lentil shepherd’s pie, this recipe is delicious http://fraichenutrition.com/vegan-shepherds-pie-gluten-free-vegan/, and feel free to use regular butter or oil and milk of your choice.  Other ideas? Try pureeing white beans or Greek yogurt into your pesto for a protein boosted pasta dish or using veggie ground round in your next tomato sauce or lasagna!
  2.  “Taco Tuesday!” Choose your protein (ground beef, shredded chicken, grilled fish, seasoned lentils), toppings (shredded red cabbage, sautéed peppers, onions, avocado, salsa, cheese) and your base (whole wheat tortillas, corn tortillas, or rice).
  3. Salmon and sweet potato cakes. Try this recipe http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/sweet-potato-salmon-cakes-dill-yoghurt/ff8418ed-38bd-4fad-a50b-bf64ed31c112 and serve with a side of steamed/grilled vegetables or salad. Fresh salmon can be expensive sometimes, for this recipe use canned sockeye salmon (mash bones, skin and all) to help get your weekly dose of omega 3 fatty acids. The sweet potato and flavour packed into these patties help disguise the fishy taste so even your kids might end up loving these.  
  4. Stir fry. It can be smart to save stir fries for the end of the week because it’s a great way to clean out the fridge in terms of produce- use up that limp celery, wrinkly peppers, or wilted spinach.  Tailor the stir fry ingredients to your family’s preferences and/or what meat and vegetables were on sale that week. Stir fry your protein until cooked with garlic and onions, add vegetables (my favourites to stir fry are broccoli, carrots, peppers or use a frozen vegetable medley if you’re short on time), add your sauce and serve with the grain of your choice (rice noodles, brown rice, quinoa?). For ideas on flavour combinations or sauces, look here http://www.eatrightontario.ca/en/Articles/Cooking-And-Food/Cooking-Methods/-How-to-make-a-healthy-stir-fry.aspx.
  5. Homemade pita pizzas or breakfast for dinner. Leave the simplest dinner for Friday. It’s important to have something in mind to prepare to help prevent resorting to eating out or ordering take out. Use whole grain pitas (stock up and store in the freezer), canned/jarred tomato sauce, grate what’s left of your brick cheese, use any leftover peppers, onions, spinach or chicken breast from the week. Alternatively, make an egg frittata, breakfast burritos with leftover tortillas or fried egg sandwiches on whole grain bread with sliced tomatoes for a satisfying evening meal.


For more dinner ideas check out Registered Dietitian Sarah Remmer’s “Top Ten Easy Weeknight Dinners” https://www.sarahremmer.com/my-top-ten-easy-weeknight-dinners/#sthash.h626A9KU.dpbs

This page was printed from the BMI Medical website: http://bmimedical.ca/