Brown Bag Lunches 101 🍎🥑🧀🌯🥣

When it comes to changing your eating habits, planning is key. A great meal to plan ahead for is lunch, especially when you work away from home. If you pack a good balanced lunch, you keep hunger down and bring your energy up! Packing your lunches can also help you save money with less trips to the vending machine or nearby restaurants. Win-win!

Here are some tips:

-When you cook, make more so you can have leftovers. You made a good dinner so why not pack some up for tomorrow’s lunch? More leftover? Freeze the rest for future meals. Think chili, soups, pastas, or whatever foods you enjoy!

-Pack your lunch the night before. Pack lunches while you clean up after dinner. You can even start packing snacks, while your meal is cooking.

-Keep some ready-to-eat foods at work if you can. This way you always have some options there such as nuts, fruits, cheese etc.

-Keep it simple. Incorporate leftovers into a salad or sandwich, use leftovers as they are, or try different sandwich toppings and breads. Make sure to pack foods you enjoy, so you feel satisfied!

-Keep it balanced. Make sure to pack enough food to keep you full throughout the day. Focus on including whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and sources of protein for each meal and snack you will have at work.

-Like your lunchbox. Pick some practical Tupperware that you can use to reheat food. Choose a lunch bag that you like. Presentation matters!

Happy (lunch) eating!

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