How To Use The Mindful Eating Cycle

A useful tool I use with clients is the the Mindful Eating Cycle, which is from Michelle May MD’s book "Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat." Available at…/…/1934076244

You can use these questions to create awareness of why you’re eating and this can ultimately give you some insight into whether there are behaviours you want to modify. The quality of your diet is important but so is how you are eating and the motivation behind your decisions. It’s important to remember that there are no wrong answers to these questions as the aim is to non-judgmentally examine your behaviours and learn from them.

“Why do I eat?” Is it due to physical hunger, social situations, visual cues, stress, environment, fatigue, boredom, comfort etc?

“When do I want to eat?” by the clock, physical hunger cues, emotions etc?

“What do I eat?” What considerations do you make? Convenience, taste, sustainability, comfort, and/or nutrition etc?

“How do I eat?” Is eating rushed, mindful, distracted, or secretive?

“How much do I eat?” Do you follow physical fullness cues, follow package size/serving size, habit etc?

“Where do I invest my energy?” Do the foods you eat make you feel satisfied, invigorated sluggish etc? Do you invest your energy in guilt/shame or are you happy with how you eat?

Try asking these questions to yourself on a regular basis and see what you discover and review with a Registered Dietitian.

Happy Eating!

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