Kids in the Kitchen

Kids are capable of learning simple tasks in the kitchen even when they are only a toddler. This can help them learn to cook for themselves and have confidence in making and planning meals.  Remember it’s important that you encourage your child to cook all different types of foods without labeling meals as “healthy” or “unhealthy” or “good” or “bad”.

Here are some simple tasks to let your child try:
-Sifting dry ingredients
-Measuring out ingredients
-Stirring ingredients
-Picking fresh herbs and vegetables/fruit
-Rinsing fruits and vegetables
-Arranging foods into interesting shapes
-Seasoning foods with herbs and spices
-Reading and picking out simple recipes to try (Start small and work your way up as your child’s confidence in the kitchen grows)
-Cracking eggs
-Cut up vegetables and fruit (Children can use plastic lettuce knives and then work up to using a regular knife safely)
-Opening containers

Happy Cooking! 😋

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