5 Ways to Get Your Family Thinking About Healthy Habits

One of the greatest ways to spark some positive views around healthy eating is to get the family involved! With the support of your loved ones, making positive lifestyle changes is much easier and are more likely to stick around for the long term. Not only will you benefit from implementing healthy decisions in the house, but the rest of your family is more likely to follow when led by example.


Give one of these tips a try this week:


1) Come up with a master list of meals that you have made in the past or want to make in the future.  Including a meal or two that each person likes ensures happy family members at the dinner table.


2) Break down the tasks involved in prepping the meal. Each person in the family can get a task so that they feel like they are contributing.


3) Bring your son or daughter to the grocery store and ask them to pick out a new fruit or vegetable they want to try!


4) Are most of the go-to household snacks store bought? Try and make a homemade version with the family and see how they turn out.


5) Put down the distractions! Meal time is for eating and socializing with family and friends (in person). Avoid using your phones, tablets or television during this time and engage in conversation with those present.


Keep in mind we don’t recommend tackling every step 7 days of the week. Make sure not to overwhelm the family (and yourself) by changing too many things at once. Choose the most realistic for your household and try it out 2-3 times. Gradually introduce new ideas more frequently and watch your home healthfully evolve for the long term.

This page was printed from the BMI Medical website: http://bmimedical.ca/