The Power of Plants!

It seems that every news article around nutrition is focused on either a fad diet or the projected sustainability of our food choices in the upcoming years. Since you probably already know our views on certain fad diets (more discussion to come), it’s time to dive into the conversation around the foods we consume and how they impact our environment and health. For decades, the traditional North American dinner meal has resembled a “meat and potatoes” breakdown and is still very common in households. However, with research surrounding the impacts of a diet high in saturated fat (found primarily in animal products such as meat and dairy) on our heart health, recommendations have shifted. Health professionals are suggesting that including plant-based food items can not only benefit our personal health, but also the health of the planet. Incorporating some of these protein sources throughout the week can make a drastic impact on global warming as they take much less energy and resources to produce.

Check out some of these plant-based protein options that you could start to include at meal times!


Chickpeas: Think hummus with pita or vegetables. Or chana masala, a savoury Indian dish that keeps you full and satisfied.

Lentils: Try your hand at making muffins, cookies and loaves with lentils. Check out for a ton of unique recipes.

Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and more!

White kidney beans: Add these to soup to pump up the protein without a change in taste.

Tofu: There are a ton of ways to prepare and eat tofu. Scrambled with vegetables, baked until crispy, or pureed to make a cheesecake or vegetable dip!

Edamame beans: You know the salty green beans you can order at a sushi restaurant? Those are edamame! You can buy them frozen and quickly steam or microwave them for a easy and nutritious snack.

Seeds: Chia, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower… These tiny ingredients are perfect for sprinkling on salads, mixing up with granola or yogurt or adding to your favourite baked good.

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