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Phase 3: Fitness

FITNESS For us it's not about how many calories you burn, it's about helping you learn how to have fun burning them.

By this phase you have already been working out for 10 weeks at our onsite facility where our trainers have helped to focus on your core strength, balance and flexibility using advanced resistance training techniques. Not only will you be noticing an increase in your strength and flexibility, but you will notice a boost in your energy levels. Our goal now is to help you find an exercise program that you can enjoy for rest of your life. Why? Because study after study has shown exercise to be one of the most important predictors of whether or not you will maintain your weight loss.We also know that by exercising while you continue to lose weight you'll help to preserve your lean tissue, your muscles, and that's important because it's your muscles that are responsible for your metabolism.

Of course there's no "right" exercise. From our point of view, the best exercise you can do is the one that you actually enjoy enough to keep doing, and it certainly doesn't need to be in a gym. Our trainers will meet with you to design a home based program while working with you to try out a myriad of different activities.

At this half way mark we will re-test your fitness levels, allowing you not only to see the weight you have lost, but to see with quantifiable numbers how much your overall fitness has improved and how many inches you've lost

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Success Stories

Cathy lost 50 pounds and has kept it off for 22 months.

Cynthia lost 30 pounds and has kept it off for 48 months.