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Relapse Prevention Program

RELAPSE PREVENTION Scientifically designed to ensure that the new you simply becomes you.

Statistically the majority of people who lose weight by changing their lifestyles gain it back as they relapse back into old habits and one of the primary reasons why is that they let their guards down too soon.

It takes on average anywhere between 6-18 months before new behaviours truly become habits. Unlike other weight loss programs, at the Bariatric Medical Institute we don't require you to reach some arbitrary weight before beginning this last phase. We think of our program more like a curriculum and therefore don't think it's fair to require you to redo a course you've already completed. Our focus during your relapse prevention year is your new lifestyle. Because while it's certainly possible to develop a comfortable behaviour in 6 months, for most of us it would be premature to label it habitual. Again, based on the latest research this phase is designed for us to see your comfortable behaviour through to habit formation with you losing weight all the while.

Relapse Prevention at BMI still allows for unlimited one-on-one access to all of BMI's specialized professionals and there are options with and without the use of our onsite fitness facilities. Therefore you can think of Relapse Prevention as providing the exact same level of service and attention as the four core phases of the program but at a much lower cost.

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Success Stories

Cathy lost 50 pounds and has kept it off for 22 months.

Cynthia lost 30 pounds and has kept it off for 48 months.