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Take a Mindful Pause

Posted: Dec 20, 2018


Take a Mindful Pause

Being aware and mindful at meal times can be beneficial in managing portion sizes, but what exactly does that mean? Being fully present with your food and conscious of the taste, smell, texture and amount is a good starting point.

Unfortunately, there are many things that can distract us from being in the moment: watching TV, responding to emails, scrolling through Facebook and texting or calling. Eliminating the use of technology and devices while you are eating can make a substantial difference in how much attention you pay to your food.

Now, what about the times that you purposefully try to be mindful but you are surrounded by conversation with family and friends at a gathering? This can be another method of distraction but is much more difficult to ignore. In these instances, try to take a mindful pause. Every couple of bites check in with yourself, your hunger/fullness level and the food itself. How much do you have left? Does it taste good? Is it satisfying your appetite? Have you had enough? Once you have done this, continue with the conversation and visiting until the next check in.

Try out this strategy and work towards a more “food-aware” holiday season.