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The Case for Brown Bag Lunches

Posted: Nov 1, 2018


The Case for Brown Bag Lunches

Bringing a homemade lunch to work can save time and money. It can also keep you leaner. Compared to homemade meals, food court fare is almost always higher in salt, sugar, fat, and calories. How much higher? More than you might expect.

As an example, Subway’s 6-inch Cold Cut Combo - with cheese, sandwich sauce, and a yogurt on the side - clocks in at about 730 calories. By comparison, a homemade sandwich - with 2 slices of bread, 75 grams of meat, 30 grams of cheese and a tablespoon of mayo - is 450 calories. Add some fruit on the side and the meal is still a full 240 calories less than the Subway version.

What does that mean for your waistline? Assuming there are roughly 22 working days in a month, that’s a total of 5,280 calories saved if you bring your lunch every day. To put that in perspective, it’s the same amount of calories in 1 ½ pounds of fat or 18 pounds of fat over the course of a year.