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Tips for staying on track during weekend getaways

Posted: May 23, 2017


Tips for staying on track during weekend getaways

Long weekends. Whether it be planning trips to the cottage, going home for a visit with family and friends or planning for a relaxing stay-cation.. we all look forward to these visits this time of year. However, for some of us it can be a time with added stress and worry if we’re trying to follow healthy eating habits to help manage our weight. It’s important to let go of that all or nothing thinking and to keep in mind that just because you had that second helping of dessert doesn’t mean your whole day or weekend is “ruined”. Here are some tips to remind yourself of before you head off on your next weekend trip:  

  • Eat breakfast, everyday
  • Stay hydrated, aim for 2 L of water/day
  • Don’t save up your calories, remember to eat throughout the day
  • Include protein at your meals and snacks
  • Allow yourself to indulge, just be mindful of what you want to indulge on. Will it be alcohol, desserts, happy hour snacks? Whatever you decide, just ask yourself “how much do I need of this to make me feel satisfied?”
  • If you regularly track your intake, still track
  • Plan and organize your food, that way you’ll know what to expect and you can plan accordingly
  • Don’t feel guilt or shame

Remember that this trip or vacation won’t last forever, it doesn’t dictate your eating habits down the road. So, if you indulge more than you wanted to, reflect and learn from it, but then don’t dwell on it, tomorrow is always a new day!