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Watch Out for These High Calorie Holiday Beverages

Posted: Dec 5, 2018


Watch Out for These High Calorie Holiday Beverages

This is a friendly reminder to keep an eye on the unexpected calories and sugar coming from your beverages during the holidays. Although the eggnog and mulled wine are seasonal options, be sure to remain mindful about portion sizes and frequency of these drinks. Take a look at the calorie and sugar content of each of the following drinks so you can find a healthy balance while still enjoying your favourites.

Cranberry juice: 1 cup provides 110 calories and 25 g of sugar (equivalent to 6 tsp of sugar)

Wine: 5 oz provides 125 kcal, sugar content varies between wines

Hot chocolate: 1 cup provides 195 kcal and 24 g of sugar (equivalent to 6 tsp of sugar)

Eggnog: 1 cup provides 220 kcal and 42 g of sugar (equivalent to over 10 tsp of sugar)

Baileys liquor: 100 ml provides 327 kcal and 20 g of sugar (equivalent to 5 tsp of sugar)

Gingerbread latte from Starbucks: 16 oz Grande provides 330 kcal and 38 g of sugar (equivalent to 9.5 tsp of sugar)


Tips to help you manage these liquid calories:

-Make your own hot chocolate with cocoa powder, sugar and hot water or milk.

-Dilute juice with water or ice to make it last longer in your cup

-Add soda water to your wine to make a wine spritzer and reduce the calories in one glass

-Mix ½ cup eggnog with ½ cup milk

-Ask for no whip cream and only 1 pump of sweetener in your Starbucks latte


So before you order a holiday beverage this December, be sure it’s worth it to you to consume the calories on a drink that won’t necessarily satisfy your hunger or energy levels the way that nutritious food can.