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Exercise alone does not burn enough calories to cause a significant weight loss as it is far easier to obtain calories by eating than it is to lose them by lets say walking. For example, in order to work off the calories contained in one Big Mac and large fries you would need to go for a brisk seven hour walk. That does not mean that exercise is not important in weight loss. In fact, exercise is an essential component of any weight loss plan as diet alone is a certain recipe for failure. People who diet without exercise are often those same people who compare their efforts to yo-yos. The phenomenon of yo-yo dieting is one which almost everyone who has ever dieted has experienced first hand. Through only the best of intentions you cut down your calories and lose a bunch of weight. Eventually something happens to those good intentions and the diet stops. Why then does your weight come back so quickly and why do you sometimes end up heavier than when you started? The answer is often surprisingly simple. You forgot about exercise.

Our bodies are lazy. When faced with less calories and weight loss, our bodies in many cases prefer to burn their lean body mass or muscles as their daily fuel rather than use up their energy rich fat stores. As a consequence, if you are successfully dieting and losing weight, if you fail to exercise, you will lose far more muscle than if you were exercising, which in turn will lead to a slowing of your metabolism.  Dieting and losing weight in the absence of exercising may slow your metabolism to the point that if you resume your old dietary habits, not eating any more than before, you may gain back more than you lost as your old calories return only to be superimposed on a body that's burning fewer calories in total.  

In the absence of proper exercise, this yo-yo effect would have occurred regardless of the type of diet you were on. Whether you were on the cabbage soup diet, a high-fat, low carb diet, a medically supervised low-calorie diet or a hospital sanctioned all liquid diet, if you were not instructed to exercise both aerobically and with resistance, not only did you likely regain some or all of your weight, but you were cheated out of a healthy weight-loss. And instruction likely is not enough. Telling you, "You need to exercise" does not address the types of exercise best suited to overweight people, nor does it teach you how to exercise safely. It also does not help you make the transition from realizing that exercise is a good idea, to actually doing it.

At the Bariatric Medical Institute, not only will we provide you with one-on-one appointments with our certified fitness consultants, we will use our onsite facilities to teach you how to safely exercise using equipment that can be found at virtually any local gym or community center. If gyms are not to your liking, we will also teach you how to set up your own home exercise centre using materials that will cost you less than the cost of most gym initiation fees. And to ensure that you get a head start, during the first three phases of our program we have designed and included on-site fitness classes that gradually increase your aerobic fitness, while providing you with the resistance training you need to minimize the loss of lean body mass and keep your metabolism fired up. We will also show you how to increase your fitness without even trying by teaching you different strategies for obtaining necessary exercise during your day to day activities.

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